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The History of Temperzone Quality Air Conditioning

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For more than twenty years our team at Mako Air have been assisting customers in Geelong and the Surf Coast, with all their air conditioning needs. Our customers trust us with everything from air conditioning purchasing, installation and maintenance and know they are receiving...

Merry Christmas and Thank You from Mako Air

Our team at Mako Air have been assisting our customers in Geelong, the Surf Coast and throughout the Bellarine Peninsula for more than twenty years. We have helped our clients with everything from installing their new air conditioning unit at home, to planning, designing and...

Supermarkets Geelong and the Surf Coast

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Now that summer has arrived, many of us enjoy travelling around the Surf Coast, Geelong and Great Ocean Road to experience the beaches and beautiful sunshine. On our journey we usually need a stopover at the local supermarkets to gather some supplies. In Geelong and the Surf...
Mt Duneed Estate

Music Festivals: Geelong & the Surf Coast

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Who could forget Woodstock in 1969, the most talked about Music Festival in history! Geelong and the Surf Coast region has established quite a reputation for our festivals, here is a sneak peak of what is coming up...
Fresh Food Geelong

Eating Out in Geelong & the Surfcoast

Australians love food and although we are considered to be in tough financial times, the average person in Victoria is still spending $81 per month on “eating out” (Read article) and this figure has increased by 23% over the past 4 years. Aussies love a relaxed dining experience...
Butcher Refrigeration Services

The Local Butcher is Back!

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Traditional butchers have been faced with many challenges over the years with the growth of giant supermarket chains, but recent reports have shown the “local butcher is back” with many consumers returning to independent butcher shops to make their weekly meat purchases.